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Links of documents or category in article


I have to link a document or a category in an article but:

  1. I see the popup "menus and categories" window cluttered with every (up to now 30) menu item in the site that's linked to documents, not only the hidden one I created using your guide that points to the root category. Is it possible to show only this one?
  2. I don't have a button to upload the file and create a document; is it possible to do it as any other product that allows attaching files to an article?

thanx a lot for your support


Posted 4 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Claudio,

1- Unfortunately not, DOClink will show all categories, you can rename the hidden menu item to something like "(Default) Hidden" and it will appear first in the list if it helps.

2- DOCman follows a document based approach and doesn't directly attach files to articles. A document is a container around a file with metadata and permissions.

May I ask if FILEman with file attachments support would work better for you? You can check out the attachments feature here:

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