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Hello - I am new to Docman, I purchased it because we need a more robust way to manage an archive of newsletters.

Currently, all newsletters (pdf files) are shown in a huge list on a single page.

I want to show links for each year's newsletters, ie:





and have each year be a hyperlink to the 12 or so files that were published in that year.

I also want the whole thing to be indexed and searchable.

I'm not finding how to do this in the documentation. Can someone help me?

Thank you


Posted 4 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Traci,

Sorry it took longer than usual for the response. Most of the team is out for the holidays so things are a bit slow at the moment.

Here is how I would do it:

1- Create categories for each year named 2009 etc.

2- Create documents from newsletters inside the categories so that each category has 12 documents.

3- Install our new Connect plugin that makes PDF or Word files indexable and searchable:

4- Create a DOCman menu item for "Hierarchical list"

5- In the menu item parameters enable "Show document search"

This will get you a searchable, indexed list of newsletters. Does this help?

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Traci Lovelace

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