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Joomla basic or smart search and DOCman 3


1. is the Joomla basic or smart search also including the search in files? Like the buildin DOCMan 3 search is doing it?

2. If so, is the buildin DOCMan 3 search able to search after word parts?

For example: there is a word "projectstructure" in den document content. Is it possible to search after project and structure?

Thanks a lot


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Robin,

You can find more information about the document indexing features here:

The document index is used by the Joomla smart search, normal search and build in DOCman search.

The indexer is not able to recognise "projectstructure" as two seperate words. It will consider it as one word and index it as that. In the same way the Joomla search is not able to recognise singular and plural nouns and return results on plural if a singular is given.

These are feature that are available as part of enterprise search solutions like for example: and are out of scope for what we can offer as part of the DOCman and Joomla core.

I hope that helps.

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