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Hidden DOCman menu not working as expected

I'm trying to use the hidden menu strategy described here. I configured a DOCman category for "special" access as described and configured the documents in that category for "public" access. For the DOCman menu item, Document titles link to is set to Document file.

If I'm signed on the Joomla front end as an admin, I can access the DOCman menu item / DOCman category and documents. If not signed on, I see "You are not authorized to access this resource...Please login" messages, whether I attempt to access the DOCman category or a document.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

Thank you!


Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Ronald, the strategy as outlined will prevent any direct access to the menu item, only if you are a administrator you will be able to access it directly.

In all other scenario's it only allows for links to be inserted in articles using DOCLink. When a link it click the document download will start immediatly, if you try to use the link to get a list of documents that are also available you won't be able to do so.

If you are trying to setup a hidden menu item that is publicablly accessible you need to change the access setting on the category to public.

Does that help you?

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