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In Docman 2.5 the document description was available just under the file link. And once the file link was clicked, it would open the file preview in a new tab without having to download the file.

In Docman 3.0 I can't find how to have these settings by default for ALL documents.

Can you help?

Best regards,



Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Christian,

The same settings are available on DOCman 3.0. What's the menu item type that you are using and what's the layout that's set for it?

The menu item settings you are interest on:

  1. Document titles link to: Document File.
  2. Open download links in a new tab: Yes.
  3. Force download all files: No.

All these settings are available under the DOCman tab of the menu item settings.

Does this help?

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Christian Briacca

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