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Using folders in DOCman

We have a DOCman site with over 10,000 documents. The site was created using an older version of DOCman which means all files are in one folder. In DOCman they are in various categories. Is it possible to move the files to a specific folder without having to recreated everything in DOCman?



Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Gary, you could use our automatic category and folder creating system that is part of DOCman 3.

What you would do is re-organise your files to follow the category structure you want and then import them into DOCman 3 by enabling the automatic document and category creation.

For details please see: docman/documentation/tutorials/bulk-import-files-and-folders/

Please be aware that using this approach the URL's for the documents will change and old URL's won't work anymore. If that is not a problem for example because your document respository is private this approach would allow you do to what you are after.

Does that help you?

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