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We need users to upload documents only to selected categories, and view/download only their uploaded documents, and documents that the administrator makes available to them.

We do NOT want users to have Add Category or Add Documents option, only upload.

Can this be achieved through a single menu item? If not, then which options for 2 menu items I can use, one to view documents and 1 to upload only?



Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Michel,

You will need two seperate menu items to accomplish this.

1. Only upload

If you want users to only be able to upload you can create a submit a document menu item for this This gives you the most minimal upload flow possible. You can give users the ability to select different categories.

Note: To make sure that users cannot create (add category/add document) theyn should have no 'create' permissions. Most easy is to make them part of the registered users group or a subgroup of that for example "uploaders".

2. Only view/download

To show the list of documents to the user he uploaded you create a menu item and configure it to "show only own documents". You also configure DOCman and disable 'can edit own documents' and 'can delete own documents'.

Users will now only be able to see the documents they own or have been assigned by an administrator. They can download them, but not change them.

As for your follow up question. If you upload using FTP you can select a default owner for the document, but not a specific owner. If you upload using the frontend you can can assign a new owner using the UI. For your scenario you would need to upload using the UI.

Does that help you?

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