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Docman search doesn't work proper

Hi all,

after a successful migration to Docman 3.0.0 I find the search function not working as reliable as in Docman 1.5.

I care for a site with more than 1.600 documents in ~45 categories and menu items, so search option for title and description would be comfortable for readers. I could adjust the date fields with information out of the forum here (great!), but the search results show only documents out of the same category, even when I choose "-select-". Do you know about this problem, or am I new with that?

Best wishes



Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Birgit, when you are referring to the DOCman search I assume you mean the search that comes included with DOCman 3 and can be enabled for your specific view?

If so, then yes, this will only search for the documents that are availale as part of the active menu item. If the menu item is only linked to a single categoryb you will only be able to search in that category.

If you wish to search for all your documents that are available through various frontend menu items you can consider using the Joomla basic or smart search which DOCman 3 also still intergates with.

Does that help you?

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Birgit Rödder

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