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Replace Joomla Media Manager with FILEman


We recently purchased FILEman so we could replace the default Joomla Media Manager. Unfortunately after installing it, the Joomla media manager is still active and will open when clicking the image or document icons from the top Wyziwig toolbar. The only way to get it to open is by clicking the editor-x "File" button at the bottom of the article. We thought installing FILEman would automatically replace the default media manager in the Joomla install.

1) Is it possible to have FILEman open as my default media manager from Wyziwig toolbar icons, or is it only possible to launch FILEman from the bottom Editors "File" button?

2) How do we apply directory permissions in FILEmans media manager? For example, when FILEman media manager is launched from the Wyziwig on the Frontend to add an image, the logged in user should only be able to see or navigate to his folder and see only his (or his groups) files?

Thank you


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Dan, discussed this with the team. We haven't had any request for this yet and think that if we will do this more users will actually have problems with it.

What you are trying to do is not that hard however, to make the Joomla media manager dissapear you need to do the following:

1. Change the permissions for the media manager in the administrator so it's no longer accessible by your users. You can set the "Access Administration Interface" to denied for the 'manager' use group.

2. Unpublish the Joomla "Button - Image" plugin to remove the media manager button, as refered to in your first screenshot.

Note: it looks like your site is using JCE or another editor so on your site this might work slightly different. You will need to disable the correct editor toolbar button in that case.

The folder permissions is something we are still keen to make happen. Maybe you can move that to a seperate feature request?

Does that help you?

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