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Can't upgrade via Watchful


I am not able to upgrade to DOCMan 3.0.0 or the 3.0.1 versions of LOGman and FILEMan via Watchful. Both the installer and the update tool do not work and give me the error "The update could not be downloaded and has failed.."

I am able to update the software manually by logging into a site in the backend.

I manage many sites that use Joomlatools extensions and need to be able to update via Watchful. At this point I need to log into each site and manually install the new versions of DOCMan, FILEman, and LOGman.



Posted 3 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Dawn, that is correct.

We had hoped that by adding support for the Joomla installer and updater we would be able to offer support.

Unfortunatly our extensions require a multi-step install process and is not able to support this scenario at the moment. We have been in contact with them and we are working on a solution.

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Dawn Russell

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