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Discovering Who Installed A Module

This morning I noticed a module that is installed on a site that we have LOGman running on. I'm normally the person who installs things on this client ste so it's suspicious activity and I would like to know who installed it.

Where should I be looking in LOGman to find this kind of information? Should I be looking in 'Installer' or 'Modules'?

I've only been using Logman for a few months so an entry might not be anywhere in LOGman if it was done before I started using LOGman.




Posted 5 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Joe,

Sorry for the delay on answering this one. For looking who installed a module, you should filter activities from the Installer component. Filtering by module will list activities about actions over modules, but not installs or uninstalls.

Does this help?

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Joe Sonne

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