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Upgrade DOCman 2.0 RC2 to 3.0 RC2 - anything special to watch for?

Is upgrading from 2.0 RC2 (I know, shouldn't still be on RC2) to 3.0 RC2 as simple as installing the new package, or do I have to uninstall 2.0 first.

At what point did the filesystem stop using "dmdocuments" for storing files?


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Michael,

Yes, it's pretty much as simple as that, if you go from 2.0 RC2 to 3.0 RC2 you first need to upgrade to 2.1.6 and then you can upgrade from there to 3.0. RC2.

Here are the links to the upgrade tutorials:

- 2.0 RC2 to 2.1.x
- 2.1 to 3.0

About your question, we moved to using joomlatools-files folder in DOCman 2, the directoy where files are stored is configurable, if you wish to continue using dmdocuments you can by changing the configuration.

Does that help you?

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