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How to display the same documents in 2 categories?


Using DOCman RC2 with many documents organised into several categories. Each category also has its own Hierarchical List / List menu.

Now there is the need to display a few documents in two different menus/categories at the same time.

I have tried tagging these documents and selecting their tag in the menu item, but the tags are a 'restrictive' filter and not a way to 'add' documents.

How can this be achieved without having to manually create 2 separate identical documents for the same file?

Or if the solution is to create 2 identical documents in different categories, is it possible to update the file and automatically update both documents?



Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Andre,

What you are trying to do is indeed not possible, categories and tags act as filters. To solve your problem you do not need to re-create the documents, you will however not be able to filter on tags and categories to achieve your scenario.

What you can do instead is filter only on tags. You can create a menu item that shows documents for all or a less restrictive set of categories or for all categories and then futher filter the list based on specific tags.

Does that help you?

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Andre Fettermann

System Information