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Improved presentation of attached files to articles on front end


I would like to see the following two improvements made to FileMan, in regards to using it for file attachments to Joomla Articles.

The new Version 3.x series allows you to attach files to Articles. They display on the single article view, but not on the Article blog view, where you can see several articles and their intro text display. Would it be possible to allow it to display Attachments on Article blog view menu items so people can see the articles as well as attached files at a glance and have quicker access? Most plugins for Articles display on the Blog views.

On the front end Article views, (and Blog views), if there is an option to make the attached files display smaller, instead of large buttons or thumbnails, but perhaps in a column format or with icons that are the size of the text horizontally, so you can display several in a list view.

Here is a screenshot example. It shows the Article Blog view, as well as the attachments displaying in this view and in a smaller format, to be neater and save space.

Really hoping this can be done or provided as an option in the near future. Thank you for your consideration.

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Collin Lafrance

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