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There are 2 ways to upload a file


I found 3 ways to upload a file with difference fields and data I can enter.

What are the different ways for?

Thanks, Robin


Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Robin,

In order:

  1. Allows you to batch create documents by uploading multiple files at once. Only users with create permissions can access this view.
  2. The submit document view is permission agnostic, meaning that it allows anyone with access to the menu item to create a document inside the target category. Since this is commonly used to allow uploads from "any user", the amount of fields is reduced. Documents created this way usually follow a moderation workflow.
  3. This is the regular document form view which allows you to create a single document. In this view the user gets full control over the access and permission settings. Only users with create permissions can access this view.

Does this help?

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