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DOCman 3 RC1 on production website ?


actually this topic don't talk about Docman only, but Docman, Logman AND Extman :)

First it was Logman I wanted to update to its last relase 3.0.0 as its addon were all updated. But when i tried o install it, I had that message asking me to install Docman first, since they all share the same underlying framework.

So my question is :

  1. Can I install Docman 3.0.0. RC1 on a production website ?
  2. When its done, I can then install Logman then ?
  3. and then de-install Extman ?

Is that the things I have to do and in this order ?

Thanks for your advice...


Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Stephan,

1. Yes you can, the RC releases are production ready. A second RC release is coming out this week which will include bug fixes in preparation of the stable release.

2. Yes, if you install DOCman 3 you also need to upgrade LOGman to v3

3. You do not need to un-install EXTman, the installer handles all that for you if it detects you are doing and upgrade.

Does that help you?

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Stephan Herby

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