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Is there a roadmap for TEXTman? I've just started using the beta on a couple of sits and would like to give some initial feedback on functionality (no bugs yet!) but don't want to waste your time if these are all planned features.

It's really great to have an extension like this, Joomla is really missing one!

Best wishes,



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello David,

Just a quick message to let you know that TEXTman 1.0 RC1 is available for you to download. This new release brings a lot of fixes and new features:

- Attachment support for FILEman
- Description field
- Social meta tags for Twitter, Facebook, etc
- Feature image support
- Auto-create categories
- Auto correct and auto link editor features
- Drag and drop ordering
- Email notifications

You can find the full changelog here: extensions/textman/changelog/

This concludes the features that we have planned for 1.0 release. We are now looking forward to receiving feedback to plan for more feature releases in the months to come. Right now we are already working on improved trash management, versioning and the ability to share a version/draft for review.

Looking forward for your feedback.

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