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FileMan 3.0 Gallery - 2 questions

1 - Is there a way to remove the New Folder button? I want site editors to be able to upload only in the base folder and not make new ones.

2 - If the gallery does have multiple folders, there is no link to go up a level once you click into a folder. you are stuck in the lower folder. this is confusing for users.



Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Doug, happy to help you.

1. Any user that has create permissions will be able to create new folders and upload new files. At the moment The setting applies for both.

2. This can be resolved by publishing the Joomla breadcrumb module on your site. FILEman integrates with this module to show you the hiearchy of your folders and allow you to go back up easily.

Does that help you?

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Doug S

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