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Email about activity from LOGman?

I tried the LOGman demo from an email I geot from you guys! Loks great. Still looks a little bare bones, though.

Does LOGman only log user's logins as a list (so they can be seen once logged in as admin) or can it also email the Admin to alert them that a user has logged in? Can it be configured to alert the admin and let me know what article or media was edited/uploaded?

I used to use a plug in called NotifyArticleSubmit that did this but has changed in the newer versions. I would like to buy a single plugin from you guys to do this. Is this in the works or not at all?


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Karl, thanks for the feedback on LOGman very much appreciated. How do you feel LOGman still looks a bit bare bones, what features are you missing from the demo?

LOGman has a LOGman Notify plugin that can be installed seperatly and can send email notifications to a select group of email addresses to inform you what is happening on your site. For more info:

Does that help you?

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