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Document Titles Styling

How do we alter the document titles so they look even and universal?

ie. on the screenshot example American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year is not in vertically aligned in center of icon and then the one below it is aligned at bottom. The first listed document appears to be vertically aligned center of icon so not consistent.


Posted 4 years ago by Robin Poort Staff

Hi Angela,

It seems that your template is using the newer Bootstrap 3 while Joomla is still using Bootstrap 2. The naming of the labels has changed so where in Bootstrap 2 the label name was `label-important`, in Bootstrap 3 the name is `label-danger` and therfor the styling is not working.

The simplest solution would be to ask your template developer if they have something in place to load the Bootstrap 2 styling as well.

Another solution would be to create a template override for the module where you replace all the Bootstrap 2 label names with the Bootstrap 3 label names. ( v.s.

A harder solution would be to create custom styling for your labels.

If all that doesn't work we also have something in place to load Bootstrap 2 styling in your template: An important note: This will load the complete Bootstrap 2 library and Bootstrap 2 and 3 have some of the same classes. So this could mess up your layout.

As for the DOClink button result. DO you have a direct URL (page) where I can see this? If you don't want to publish anything could you please add superamdin credentials to the private note so I can check for myself in teh administrator?

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Angela Brill

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