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Addon for Logman 3 ?

Hi, I have just installed Logman V3 on one of my website. I love the new UIX, it is clear, simple and plus : nice :)

I wondered when you will update addon for this version, I suppose i can not install those from V2 ?


Posted 7 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Stephan,

Thank you very much for your kind comments. I'm very happy to hear that you are enjoying the new version.

Regarding your question, you are right. The add-on plugins need to be upgraded. We've just released LOGman 3.0 and didn't want to delay the release any longer. Updating the add-on plugins is something that we are going to work during the next weeks.

I'll let you know when they are ready.

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Stephan Herby

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