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Questions about DOCman 3


  1. is there documentation for it? instructions?
  2. how to Search and filter in front-end?
  3. how DOCman automatically finds which category the upload document should be?
  4. is there a way to add a document directly from the frontpage?
  5. is there a way that a user could see how many documents / files there is in each category?
  6. when a category is empty, the user see the category?

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Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Amit, DOCman 3 is currently in beta and for testing purposes only, we require our testers to have a good understanding of Joomla and DOCman. If you are unsure how certain things work you might be best to use DOCman 2 and move to DOCman 3 when documentation becomes available. We will keep you informed about this.

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