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DOCMAN - Document download log link goes to Joomla admin login

Hi Johan,

When a document is downloaded it is displayed in the user’s Download log (see attachment). If the user then clicks on the filename document link in this log to open that document listed there it sends them to the Joomla Administration login page (see attachment) instead. As normal users are not allowed to access the Admin, they can’t do anything more - and it confuses them because they think they have already logged in, so I receive phone calls. Can this please be fixed so they are not taken away from the front end?

Even better - is it possible to change this to allow users to click on filename in the download log to open that document without having to search for and download it again from the full website?


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Posted 6 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff


This is more of a LOGman question. The logs you are referring to are being created by LOGman.

The reason why these links were being routed to the backend is that frontend routing in Joomla is kind of difficult. LOGman not only provides logging support for the Joomlatools extensions, it also supports all the core components and some 3rd party extensions as well. Frontend routes need to be evaluated in a per integration basis.

Having said this, we have fixed this on LOGman 3.0. The first beta version is about to be released and will contain this feature already. Activity messages will provide links to frontend resources when these are made available.

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