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Add category title to details page

My client wants the category title on the document detail page. Is there anyway of doing this through templating as I can't see a parameter under the menu parameters?

Also, there seems to be an issue with your templating in general. If I am making changes to mytemplates/html/documents/table.html.php and put it up on the server nothing happens. If I duplicate that folder, then the changes are shown. One I shouldn't be able to make the same folder in html with the same name, and two why does this happen. It doesn't happen on any other templates, just this table page. Very odd. This issue isn't apparent with any other component or module that I template. Just this page.


Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Gary,

You'll need a template override. For more information on how to fetch DOCman resources please take a look at the PHP API:

Regarding the problem with the layout, this is all working on my end. documents/table.html.php is only loaded by table views if there are documents to be displayed. Your override path is also wrong, it's missing com_docman just after the template.

If you need further help with your customization you'll need a upgrade to a Bussiness or Agency subscription to get access to the Developer support area. Please let us know if you are interested on an upgrade.

I hope this helps.

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Gary Hewitt

System Information