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Link category to a special registered user

I want to make a link that a registered user is connected to his own special category for uploading files. That means the button in the upload section is valid for all registered users. But the upload only goes to the category which is linked to the registered user name. Does this work, when yes how ?

The files are read out by super user only ...

The idea is that customers upload documents to their own private folder, and those files are not mixed with customers with different registered user accounts.

Then a member of our office will download the files of the specific user ( category) and proccess them here in the office.


Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Lutz,

You may provide a frontend submit menu item for your users to use. This menu item should be set so that uploads are uploaded to a common category. The menu item can also be set so that documents are not published for moderation. Unfortunately documents cannot be uploaded to a user category this way.

Instead it is better to have them all in a temporary category so that the members of your office can review them and then put them in the corresponding folder. Documents can be filtered by owner so I beleive that in your case, the user category for upload might not be necessary.

Does this help?

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Lutz Reber

System Information