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How do i config the system that replace files with the same name?


I want to config the Docman that allow me the replace files with the same name and not allow me to upload them again or as a copy or any other way.

Means, If i have AAA.doc and i upload a new version of AAA.doc i need to replace one with the other if they at the same folder (the new one delete the old one).

thanks a lot for the help



Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Lior,

You do not need to config DOCman to do this, this is done for you automatically. If you upload a file with the same name DOCman will also you if you want to replace the existing file, or not.

If you choose replace the file will be overwritten on the file system, if you choose not, the file will be uploaded as a new version, a version number will be appended to it.

Does that help you?

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Lior Avraham

System Information