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I would like to send a notification to my registered memebers when there is a new document added to a category. I see that document groups should do just that but it is not working.

I tried this on a category that is accessible only by super user (me) with my email address and im not getting the nothification on either the Add or Publish Event. As a category owner I do however get other notifications such as Download events.

I also noticed from you support that this is limited to 25 user only, any plans to increase this?


Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Dariusz, you will not get notifications of add or publish events if you are the one making the changes, emails will be send to other users. This is probably the issue in your case.

Please check the documentation for the Notify plugin on how you can debug what emails are being send:

If there are more then 25 users to receive an email, emails will not be send. The email limit will be liften with further improvements we are planning for DOCman 3.

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Dariusz Janiszyn

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