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Old DocMan vs. New DocMan category user permissions

Hi There,

On my old version of Docman I had categories setup and I could add and remove individual users to and from each category so that not everyone could see each document but, that users could belong to multiple groups and see multiple files. I can't see how to configure this in the most recent version? It seems to want to show my documents to either one person or one joomla access group. Help! I have my site up and configured and am confused about this change.

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Posted 6 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Amber,

All that you describe and were able to do in the older versions of DOCman is also possible in the 2.x series. The big difference is that in DOCman 2.x you need to use the Joomla groups system, DOCman no longer has this build in.

I would like to direct you to this section of the documentation:

A good place to start would be this article:

DOCman adheres to the Joomla permissions standards. It's pretty much the same as for any Joomla component really.

Does this help?

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