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Appending "&layout=treetable" to category listing module links

I have a couple of modules which display list of categories. However, when you click on the link it loads some sort of default view with large download buttons etc.

The main docman component, as accessible form the main menu, is configured with tree table layout. Is there a way to load the same layout when category is clicked inside the module? Looks like all is needed is to append "&layout=treetable". If this is not available out of the box maybe a good idea to add it as a feature for the next release?



Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Oksana,

The module can be set so that it links to an specific menu item. Right now you probably have more than one DOCman menu item that grants access to that category. If you don't tell the module which menu item to use, then it will pick the first one it finds.

Does this help?

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Oksana Chorny

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