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404 - Document not found

I have a category where only registered users in a special group have the right to download a document. If a user outside this group (when he is logged in) clicks on the download link in an joomla com_content article, he sees a "404 - Document not found" page. But I want to redirect him to special page. Is it possible and what do I have to do for?

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Posted 4 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Ralf,

The 404 page you are getting is not due to the download permission restriction, but because the document is not currently viewable by the user that clicked on the document link.

You need to make sure that the document is viewable by the user that has access to the article, these 404 cannot be avoided otherwise. Links on articles cannot be hidden based on access levels.

You'll see that once this problem is solved, a click on the link will properly prompt a message saying that the user has is not authorized to download the document.

Does this help?

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Ralf Galow

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