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How to display change date info on documents on category page

I have setup a menutype as hierarchical table (see attached image) and when accessing categories it displays a category discription and documents belonging to the category. Would like to display the "Changed date" information below the document name just as it is done with the menutype "hierarchical list" (see attached image docman-list-view.jpg).

Then you might ask why not just use the "hierarchical list". Because the "hierarchical table" layout supplies a much better overview.


Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Soren, it's possible to change the layout but this will require a template override. You can find more information about template overrides in our developer documentation: extensions/docman/templates/overrides/

If you need additional help with the overwrite you can consider upgrading to a Business subscritpion which gives you access to our developer forums, our developers are most happy to create the override for you.

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Søren Hjortlund

System Information