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I have added the docMAN extension to my clients website:

I have created a login for the client:

User: Project1
Password: Pass1234

Please test it for me, they have now asked me these questions:

Regarding the document manager: 1) How do we add new categories?

2) How do we view the documents we have added? (Attachment 6)

3) How do we add/change users and passwords?

New to Docman, so I am not too sure how this all works?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.



Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Ashley,

1. It"s not possible to create categories from the frontend in DOCman 2, this feature is coming in DOCman 3.

2. To add documents on the frontend, users just need to click on the 'add documents' button fill out the form and upload the file to be attached to the document.

3. Changing passwords can be done through Joomla itself, this is is a Joomla core feature. Here is how:

Does that help you?

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Ashley Gericke

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