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I install a fileman component. Before buying I had asked if I could manage 2 vs media file types with component: jpg and pdf

Now I tried to load 1 jpg files and 1 pdf file, I see it in backend but I do not see him in front-end

how to solve?


Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Frisina, if you created a frontend 'table' layout you will see a listing of all your files on your site when you go to the menu item.

If you want to ensure that only your clients can see the files, you need to set the 'access level' of the menu item to 'registered'.

FILEman 2.x is not capable of forcing file downloads, it leavs this up to the browser, in case of a jpeg or pdf file the browser will displat the file. If you want to force download the files, try our FILEman 3 beta, which has a 'force download all files' option which you can set through the menu item settings for the table layout.

Does that help you ?

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