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Force PDF to open in browser and not download

I have a DocMan menu that displays a category of documents:

How can I force the pdf files to open in the browser rather than download?

Is it possible to use something like:

<meta name="content-disposition" content="inline; filename=*.pdf">

I'm confused! :-)



Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Helllo Lee, it actually works the other way around, by default DOCman will allow the browser to open up the PDF file, the browser will do so if it's capable of this. It needs to have a build in PDF viewer.

In your case files are force downloaded. This is likely because you have the 'force download all files' option set to 'yes' in your menu item settings. If so please change it to 'no' and this should fix it.

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Lee Tempest

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