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Assign "Access level" for document in PhPMyadmin


I have just migrated my DOCman from 1.6 to 2.0.

I have different document permission under a "Public" Category, hence, i can't use the "Inherit from category" and i need to reassign permission to each "Document" rather to "Category".

Instead to modify the permission for 200+ document on the web interface, i decided to modify it in PhPMyadmin. I have created the user groups and i can see these value under "prefix_usergroups" table, now i need to assign these group to the document.

Can you please tell me what {column} in what {table} i should modify to change the permission for document?

Thank you.


Posted 6 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello David,

Access levels need to be changed using the interface. Direct changes to database tables are not supported by us nor provided.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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David Ting

System Information