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LOGman frontend activity links to backend...

Hi, on frontend the {User} and {object} in the activity messages are linked, redirecting you it's source in backend. Now this a little odd and a frontend page should never link directly to the backend page.

Activity example: Símun created a new article with title Procedures

Here, if I click on the user 'Símun' it redirects me to the backend User Manager edit screen for the selected user and if I click on the article 'Procedures' it redirects me to backend's article manager edit screen for the selected article.

Is there a way to change this? Because our customers do not have access to backend and are not really supposed to either.

So in my case these links would have to go to a frontend page. As for the 'User', it could redirect to the selected users profile page and the 'Article' would redirect to the selected article on frontend.


Posted 6 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Simun,

This is not a simple problem to solve.

Frontend links are very very difficult to work with since they all rely on menu items. Moreover you would need to know which items are accessible through a menu item. The fact that menu items also grant access to different views is also a problem. You would to manage all these variables for each component that we would like to support. This is very hard and a maintenance nightmare.

Bottom line is that while frontend links are supported by LOGman (see Kunena LOGman plugin), these cannot be supported by the core plugins due to the incredible complexity that this involves. The Kunena plugin is a special case scenario that makes it all easier to work with. There's a mandatory menu item which makes everything accessible from it and its main interface is only available in the frontend.

I hope this helps on having a better understanding on why things currently work the way they do.

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