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Problems with Document Uploads

I just purchased DOCman as part of a bundle. I'm having significant problems with uploading documents. After clicking "Add New Document, I see a "Details" form with the proper subcategory selected. When I click on "Upload", I see a page saying "Select a Folder - the only option is "Root Folder", but it looks like a could create subfolders (no idea why I would want to do that). On the right there are two tabs (one saying select that shows all the documents I've already loaded (not sure why I'd use that - since I'm just trying to upload a file - I noticed that it does indicate that I an "Insert" one of the"selected" and already uploaded files, but it's not clear where I would be inserting them or why). The other tab is Upload and it indicates I will be uploading files to the Root folder (I guess that's ok). It says "Drag files here", but when I do that, it only one file shows up. So it looks like I can only drag one at a time. But that doesn't work either - add multiple files or one a time seems to only add the last one to the category. However, when I repeat the process to add one of the other files, I get message saying it is already on file and is it ok to overwrite it. Sometimes the new file would show up properly after the overwrite and sometime it would show up with a number next to indicating it's a copy. I really don't want users to get confused by that, so I and tryed to delelet the duplicates from the Root Folder. The system asked if I really wanted to delete them, I said yes and nothing happened! So, all in all, this very frustrating. Am I missing something very fundamental? When I purchased this, I expected a very straight forward, easy to use component and so far, I'm seeing the opposite.

Please help!



Posted 4 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello James,

Sorry to hear things are not 100% clear to you. Happy to help you get started.

1. The upload dialog shows you the folder tree, this only happens when you are logged in as a administrator. If you log in with lower permissions you will not see this.

2. When you install DOCman there is a root folder created for you to upload files into, if you wish you can add additional folders through the administrator go to adminstrator > components > DOCman > files to add folder.

Note: Adding and working with folders is only exposed to adminstrators, by default and depends on the settings of the menu item.

3. In the frontend you can only upload one file. This is because you are adding a single document, and a document can have only one file attached to it.

Note: The dialog box indeed uses the word 'files' this is a bit confusing, this is because we re-use the same flow as the administrator, we are working on improving this flow for one of the next releases.

4. When you try to re-upload a file with the same name DOCman will ask you if you wish to overwrite it or not. If you choose no, DOCman will upload the new file as a new version, by automatically appending a version number. This is our transparent versioning system in action.

5. If you go to the file manager in the backend and perform an operation that isn't automatically visible, this is because the build in file cache wasn't refreshed on the fly. To refresh it manually, hit the 'refresh' button in the toolbar.

If based on this feedback you still find DOCman is too hard for you to use, I'm most happy to refund you. You have a 30 day refund guarentuee, take your time to learn how it works and feel free to asks questions. We are here to assist you in getting started.

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