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Sorry for the questions here. The "New Question" button isn't available for me in the FILEman section.

My site is used to accept applications (7 files per applicant) and there is a probability that users will attempt to upload files of the same name. I would like to store the uploaded applications in a folder other than images and to have a sub-folder to the root for each user. Since applications are filed annually, it would be nice if the user could also create sub-folders in their own main folder. And lastly, users can only add/edit/delete their own files.

1. Can I assign a FILEman root folder other than in the images folder without changing Joomla media manager config?

2. Can users create folders from the front end?

3. Can users be restricted to only view their own folders/files?

Is FILEman the right extension for this application?


Posted 8 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hello Norman,

No worries for posting your question here.

From what you say the "User Table" FILEman menu item is a good fit for your use case. It does not however do all that you require.

A user files menu item can be set in any subfolder under the root folder of the FILEman container, i.e. images folder.

You may for example create a userfiles directory inside the images folder and use this as the root folder for user files. Then when a user login and goes to the menu item a new personal folder for this user will get automatically created inside. The user may then add files to this folder and only he will be able to see them.

On the other hand the user won't be able to create folders inside his personal folder from the frontend. This isn't supported yet.

So to recapitulate:

  1. Yes. You just create a subfolder or more on images and then select one of those folder as the root folder for the "User table" menu item.
  2. No, this isn't supported yet.
  3. Yes.

Does this help?.

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Norman May

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