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Logging passive activity

Dear JoomlaTools,

We are running your software suite on our Joomla 3.x site and see that "active actions" (e.g. writing in a blog) are logged.

Here I wanted to ask if there is a way to log user behaviour? Such as which pages are visited? Here we specifically need to know which registered users visited certain pages.

Other tools offer methods to track the number of visits (and number of clicks) but these do not seem to record which particular (registered) user opened which page. Which is what we need to do.

Any help or tips on this point would be a great help.


Alan Searle

Cologne Germany


Posted 6 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Alan, out of the box LOGman doesn't allow to log user behavior, only user actions are logged for various components.

It would however be possible to create a plugin for LOGman that can track the pages a user visits. We offer a complete documented plugin API in case you have development experience, or if not we can look into doing this as a custom plugin for you. For custom development questions you can contact us ay

Does that help you ?

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Alan Searle

System Information