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Is there a custom field type for Docman? I'm referring to a way that I can declare a field in the XML file so that a field on the form appears with the option to upload a document and a reference to that document is attached to the record.

Background: I'm developing a custom component that needs to have one downloadable document attached to each record. The component uses JForm. I'd rather replace the "media" field type with the equivalent of a "docman" field type.


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Randy, we do not have a custom form type for DOCman. If you are interested in this we are most happy to see if we can create one for you.

Developer support for custom integrations is offered as part of our Business or Agencies subscriptions. This gives you access to our developer forums. If you wish to upgrade let me know and I'll this for you and we can assist you from there.

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Randy Carey

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