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Copying documents

We made extensive use of the ability to copy documents from one category to another in DOCMAN 1.6. That feature has disappeared in DOCMAN 2.0, which allows only moving documents.

Our site makes extensive use of DOCMAN to store manuals and other technical information on our products. Some manuals and documents are applicable to many products, and we used the copy feature to create many documents which all pointed to the same file. This made it easy to update to new versions of the manuals, simply by using the update function to upload a new file and update all documents to point to it.

Loss of this function is requiring us to create 20 or more documents one by one, by hand, at the moment. We are investigating having our own developer modify the DOCMAN code to reinstate this feature but it would be much more helpful if Joomlatools realized that the feature was needed it and restored it to its prior function.

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Bob Martin

System Information