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Intro text above my file list


I understand from this forum that there is no way to embed a list of files in an article, really something that is missing.

Is there another way to put a text above the file list? I can only get the menu title there and that is not sufficient.

Kind regards,



Posted 8 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Auke,

There are two ways to go here.

1- You can use component embedders to embed FILEman into an article. Note that these are third party plugins and we do not provide support for them and they may or may not work. Something like this:

2- You can add text into the file list provided that you know PHP and HTML, and comfortable coding with them. You can use template overrides for this. Note that your current subscription level does not include support for template overrides so we cannot help you with it unless you upgrade your account to a business or agency subscription.

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Auke van Nimwegen

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