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Docman Equivalent for Wordpress

I have designed a site for a customer and use docman and docman auto populate to handle the heavy lifting. The customer now wants to go with wordpress for the simplicity to the customer.

Is there any document management system for wordpress with an autopopulate feature in word press. This has always held me up with wordpress sites as docman is so awesome but there must be something to work with WP?

Thank you for your ideas.



Posted 10 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Darlene, I have no idea if there is a similar solution for Wordpress. The good news is that we are looking into making DOCman 2.0 available for Wordpress too.

The architecture of DOCman 2.0 stable is build in such a way that it becomes possible to also run it inside other CMS systems like Wordpress. We have done initial testing on this already.

We do not have any idea yet when this will be ready but are working toward it.

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Darlene Janssen

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