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DOCman update document not refreshed

Dear All,

Long time user of Docman, just upgrading to 2.1 and after a mess of going through update of the user access group, things are slowly starting to take shape.. :-)

Here is an interesting little issue I'm running into. I've always used FTP to upload files to our docman root folders (docmanfiles), problem is that when I try to "update" the file linked to a "document", I can't find it from the list of files generated by that dialog box. Here are steps to reproduce it:

1) Dump few files over FTP into the docmanfiles folder.
2) Go to document I wish to update.
3) Clicking Update -> Then click on the "Select Tab"
4) In that listing of files, I can't find the files that I've just FTP in step 1. Anybody having a clue what could be the cause?

Here is the weird one. If I do go to the Upload tab, select the file from my PC, upload it, I will always get a warning that a file with the same name is already in the docman folder. So obviously, Docman has it in its list.

If I go to Docman -> Files listing. I can indeed see all the files I've FTP..

What am I missing? Upload from PC is too slow for each documetn.. I really need a way to link directly at the document level so I can use FTP like the old days.. :-)

Thanks for suggestions.



Posted 5 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hi Tony,

After uploading your files through FTP, go to your DOCman backend Files view and make a click on the Refresh toolbar button.

DOCman keeps a cache of the file list which isn't updated if you manually upload files.

Does this help?.

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