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Sending notification emails to category users on add/upload


We would like to re-inquire on this feature if it is already provided by DocMan.

We would like to send-out emails to users who has access to a category
when a document is created / uploaded on that category.

Basically we would like that when a category owner creates / uploads a file
in a category, users who has access to that category will get an email notifying them that there is a new file available for download on that category.

Please advise.



Posted 7 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hi Annika,

Our LOGman 2.1 release introduces a notifier plugin that will send activities notifications. Right now LOGman can be set so that only activities from DOCman are logged (all of them) and so that E-mails are sent to a selected group of addresses.

Improvements on this notifier are in the works right now so that only a selected group of activities are notified. This would be part of your requirements. However, we do not have plans of making this happen depending on categories level, this would be too coupled to DOCman, and hence calls for a custom notification plugin for DOCman.

Does that help you ?

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Annika Panzini

System Information