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Can a folder in DocMan / Fileman be set to a user specific setting?

Our site is attempting to allow our subcontractors to upoload job files to our website. To do this, we would want individual subcontractors to only have access to the files/documents realted to the jobs they are working on. DO either or both of these programs allow that type functionality? Keep in mind that SuperUsers will still need access to those files.



Posted 8 years ago by Arunas Mazeika Staff

Hi Taylor,

The answer would be yes. If you just need a selected groups of user to have access to a list of files and be able to add more files to that list then you can simply use FILEman. DOCman will also handle this case scenario, but I would recommend it for more complex use cases.

For FILEman you would just need to:

  1. Create a user group for your subcontractors with the registered group as parent.
  2. Create an access level and select both the subcontrators group (created in step 1) and the Super Users group.
  3. Create a FILEman table menu item and assign the access level created on step 2.

This menu item will now only be available to both subcontrators and super users. These will be able to browse, download and upload files.

Does this help?.

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Taylor Ruble

System Information