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Clickabe author name (or integration with authorlist)


I'm happy to see that the new version now shows the name of the author or submitter.

It would be great if the name is clickble, so that users can see more files (or in my site, for example books) by the same person.

A component that does a great job is authorlist, I'm using it for my articles.

It would be great to allow a way to use it along with docman, so that author documents are also shown in his/her author page.

Here it is:

Keep up the good work.


Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Hayat, we have further investigated this with the team and decided not to implement it for now. We might still re-consider this in the future is there are more requests for this feature.

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Hayat Alyaqout

System Information