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Hi Joomlatools team,

I am using FILEman for our corporate intranet. We have a huge library of documents, brochures, logos etc. which I would like to have listed in my search results. E.g. we have a document called CE02_Management.pdf. I would like to have the respective page returned on which CE02_Management.pdf is listed. This does not work currently.

I have all search plugins enabled and had the smart search component run an indexing od the page. Unfortunately, no files are indexed.

Any solution to this?

Thanks in advance and best wishes,



Posted 8 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Isabell,

Unfortunately, FILEman does not have search support at the moment. We have a feature request for this already, please place your votes on it so it is considered earlier for a future release:

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Isabell Scherer

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