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Change action at click at picture

Hi, I use the gallery option of Fileman to show pictures of teams. I also have a specific page for each team, showing the same picture and extra information.

When I click on a thumbnail, the picture is shown as a popup. I want to change this. I want it to redirect to a page.

So instead of showing a popup with I want to redirect it to (without .jpg)

Can you tell me which file I should look in to? I suppose it is best to make a override for this.


Posted 8 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

Hi Stephan,

This is possible using a template override. You can find more information about template overrides on our developer site :

If you are unsure how to do this yourself, we are glad to assist. Template override support is offered as part of our developer support which is available for business and agency subscribers. With developer support, you would have access to our developer forums where we are most happy to provide you with the concrete override code you require.

To upgrade just let us know and we will handle this for you.

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Stephan Tensen

System Information