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In Docman 2.0, how to edit and use groups

Hi Johan,

So we also have groups with docman users. These groups are used in the permissions of the document. The document has a file, mostly a zip. This zip contains a setup of our software, which is then a specific version for this group of users. With logman we can see if, when and who has downloaded the zipfile.

Like this, we keep our setup system organized.

It is a key-feature of our site, and now gone....

Furthermore, we also have the docman groups for just other files: if the category is empty (for the user) even the category is not visible. Also very very nice feature!

So please, turn it on again (I hope it is this simple).

Docman: we are always very very positive about this job, but now missing this important feature, I hope we do not have to search for another solution. We really need it.

I forgot to mention: we also use the email function in the docam group: Document arranged and ready for download: just a quick email to the group (with its menbers) and done!



Posted 5 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Hans,

DOCman 2 makes use of the Joomla build in groups and permissions system and no longer has it's own groups system. This is why yuo don't see a 'groups' tab in the administrator.


You now manage your groups by going to administrator > users > groups, where you can add and manage groups.

Groups can be assigned to a category or a document, You can assign one or multiple groups, or you can use the 'preset' a preset is a Joomla access level. Access levels can be set through the Joomla user manager too.


DOCman can no longer hide empty categories, this is technically impossble to do because of the way the Joomla groups and permission system works. To know if a category is empty we would need to check each document in it. This is unperformant and would make your site very slow.


DOCman no longer has build in groups and thus the email feature is not available any longer. You can use the Joomla group email feature, or use a third party extension that can do this.

End of the month we are releasing a LOGman email plugin that will allow to send email notifications. One such notification would be to email users when a new document has been added to a category. This would be automatic and you would no longer need to email your users manually.

Does that help you ?

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Hans Roelvink

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